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Ability to see change approvals in Service Portal mobile application

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago


In the Service portal web page, we are able to see change approvals inside the approval lists. When we use the service portal mobile app, change approvals are not shown. it will be a good feature if we want to promote the service portal mobile app. our customer also have an home-grown app for approvals which does this job which we plan to replace.

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  • This idea has been implemented in product release SMAX 2020.11. Check out the release notes for details. Thanks to all of our contributors for helping us continue to improve our products!

  • I'm adding SMAX tag since this is not present in SMAX 2020.08.

  • UPDATE SMAX 2020.08

    The mobile app does not support Change approvals in the mobile app. This is a highly requested feature. One common use case is the Emergency Change approvals, where the approvers in the ECAB need to give the approval / denial in a timely basis; if they need to go the web application and to see the details of the approval, they take more time than expected. Also, having in mind that approvers can be some technical executives who are moving they won't have access to a terminal easily.

  • This is important not only for Change approvals. If using SMA-SM as back-end, there are approvals in catalog, interactions, requests, changes, and any other tailored module. It's a must to many customers.
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    The iOS and android native SMA Service Portal application SMA-XSP

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