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Able to add more filter options in Live support screen

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over 2 years ago

Currently, Live support only contains on Request ID, Person, and Location.

Able to add more filter option on the Live support screen (example: Company).


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  • This is our use case for missing companu in live support:

    The customers in SMAX are companies where every company has several locations, and several employees working 24/7. When a customer from the day shift calls the service desk, he is not interested in the request where he is requested by, or the request for one location. He may call for follow up on a request a colleague on the night shift registered.

    In live support gui, we miss the functionality to type in the company, and list all the requests for the company, and all the companies CI’s.

    This is solved for the customer in the service portal by the custom tab, but not in the agents live support view.

  • Hi 

    Our SMAX implementation is for the Service provider. 

    1. For new ticket:

    Customer help desk, need to validate the end user against the vendor before raising the ticket. Now OOB able to view only email, phone number if we hover.

    2. For existing tickets:

    Customer receive call from any one of the contacts of that vendor (FYI, one vendor having more than 20 users) .

    In this case, the agent like to search the tickets based on Company to list all the tickets for that vendor.



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