Idea ID: 1659647

Add additional filters to Contextual Search like in main Smart Search (QCCR1E137828)

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

As described in QCCR1E137828, there should be an ability to filter/drill into the Smart Search results, within the Library, when invoked from an Interaction and/or Incident.    When you do a Smart Search from the Smart Search tray in the header, you have the ability to filter by Library and then filter with the results of that Library based on the fields where Match is set to true.   However when Smart Search is invoked from an Interaction/Incident the Description is plugged into the search criteria and there is no way to filter by Library or anything other than the “generic” canned Filters.   

Sometimes, based on description of an Interaction, there are over 100 records returned from the Knowledge Library alone and there is no way to drill into the initial list.