Idea ID: 2800624

Add better validation handling in SMA Portal for requests

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago


We'd like the ability for users to have more obvious error checking when attempting to submit a request through the SMA Portal. Currently the portal has 3 mandatory mechanics:

1. Little red asterisk next to mandatory field
2. Generic "There may be mandatory fields empty or incorrect values entered for certain fields" error that appears when the user attempts to submit the request with invalid/missing mandatory data
3. "This field is required" text that appears under mandatory fields IF the user has interacted with the field already

For very long request forms, validation 1 is not sufficient to pinpoint where the user has gone wrong as the asterisk is small and can be missed. Validation 2 also does not help in this case due to being very generic and not helping to pinpoint which field is missing. Validation 3 is a good feature, however it only works if the user has previously interacted with the field and left it blank which reduces its usefulness.

We'd like to request the validation 3 functionality be extended to have the "This field is required" text appear under all mandatory fields that have been left blank when the user tries to submit the request automatically, instead of needing to have interacted with the field first. The red text under the field is a much better indicator of missing information that anything available currently.