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Add custom rules or fields on Category and Service Defininiton level in Service Catalog

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

I think that we need the ability to create some Rules on Category level or Service Definition level which would apply to Category or Service Definition and Offerings on the third level.
That would allow us, developer/consultants, to modify whole Category or Service Definition on that level which shortens the development of SMAX application when we need to edit whole Category or Service Definition. and not to modify each and every Offering.

This we don't have:
When Rule is configured on Category level it's applied on Service Definition and Offering level.
When Rule is configured on Service Definition Level it 's applied on Offering level.
This we currently have:
When Rule is configured on Offering level it's only applied on Offering Level of that Service Definition.

Example of use:
- I want to hide OOB field "Description" and put default data into it like "This Request has been created by the end user" for whole Category or Service Definition Level.
- I want to create a custom field for the whole category which is mandatory for that Category!
A similar example is a feature on Process Designer in Service Manager where you can add new RuleSet on WorkFlow properties or whole Object!