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Add missing processors in the right itemised list in SLO BP

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over 1 year ago

According to the Processor Core Factor Table published by Oracle (,
IntelRegistered XeonRegistered processors should have 0.5 core factor.
- However, these processors are not included in amSAMFactorType:0.5 itemised list. We need to add all IntelRegistered XeonRegistered processors in the SLO BP package.

- Second, review the Oracle Processor Core Factor Table whether any other processor is missed in SLO BP package. Add to the right itemised list, if any.


  • The latest SLO updated the Oracle Processor Factor to reflect the changes of new PDF published on 10/22/2019

    Also added other processors:


    SPARC S7 M8


    POWER 9

    IBM Z900,Z800,Z990,Z890,System Z,zEnterprise,z14,z13,z12,EC12,z196,z11,z10,z9