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Add the name attribute to readonly Comboboxes to help people reliant on screenreaders

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Blinders and other user have to use service manager using a screenreader. Those rely on the content of the HTML content to read out layout of the page. Usually each element has a name attribute, which will identify it for the screenreader. For comboxes and comfills that are read only however this name attribute is missing. Which leaves the field unidentified. This is a huge problem for users reliant on screenreaders. Therefore i would suggest to change this HTML content to include this name attribute for all fields. 


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    In my understanding, a screenreader perceives each control on the form by its label, not the name. In Service Manger webtier, we do have provided each control with a appropriate label, including all readonly ones. So would you please give more details for your point that "Which leaves the field unidentified. This is a huge problem for users reliant on screenreaders". You can also arrange a webex meeting to show me the problem if you like.


    As to the name attribute, we do have removed it for readonly combos and comfills to prevent them from submitting for security considerations.

    According to W3C HTML5 specification, the name attribute is only for form submission and should have no impact for accessibility.


    The name content attribute gives the name of the form control, as used in §4.10.21 Form submission and in the form element’s elements object. If the attribute is specified, its value must not be the empty string.