Idea ID: 1674536

Additional "Record Types" available for the "Add comment on related record" rule

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago
The rule "Add comment on related record" in Tasks (Approval Tasks in particular) doesn't give the option to select a Request, Incident, Change or other record types that are more useful. The only options are "ActualService, CostCenter, CostType, Location, Person, PersonGroup". It also doesn't give us the option, via an "fx" button to manually add these record types by entering ${entity.ParentRecordType} or even ${'Request'}. This option is given to the rule "Set fields on Related Record", but unfortunately it cannot work for the "Comment" field.
What we ask for is the "Add comment on related record" rule to have an "fx" button, as is already available in the "Set fields on Related Record" rule, in order to properly append updates in an Approval record as comments in a Related Record.
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