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Additional Service Level Target types (SLT) for SLA and OLA

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over 1 year ago

Customer currently has the following SLT types for Incident (for SLA and OLA):

  • Time to Respond
  • Onsite
  • Time to Resolve.

The customer is an MSP and provides break-fix responses for customer hardware. So the SLA runs in the sequence of:

1. Customer logs ticket

2. Engineer responds (Time to respond is achieved)

3. Engineer assesses that there is a hardware failure and needs to go onsite to resolve the fault (Onsite counter triggers)

4. Engineer goes onsite (Onsite SLA achieved)

5. Engineer replaces the faulty hardware, customer approves resolution (Time to Resolve is achieved).

The Onsite SLT may not always be required if the problems can be resolved remotely.

Time to respond, Onsite and Time to resolve are also required for the OLA as the Customer may engage a 3rd party vendor to fix the problem and the vendor is measured in the same manner.

We need the ability to add additional SLT target types to Support & Service Request as well as Incident.


Note: This complements the following idea which requires additional SLT target types for OLA: /it_ops_mgt/itsm/i/sma-x-ideas/have-initial-review-resolution-as-target-type-when-defining-a-slt-for-ola