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Additional toggle options for Context-Aware Search

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over 2 years ago

Consider such use cases as these:

  • A: User is in a location with very limited network bandwidth; Context-Aware Search adds considerable delay in working every ticket (primary use case necessitating this Idea)
  • B: User is running a very small display resolution; sacrificing screen real estate for Context-Aware Search makes many fields on the ticket form unreadable
  • C: User is an advanced fulfillment team member or power user of SM and does not need Context-Aware Search assistance
  • D: User is a member of a specific group whose work always deals with innovations or never-before-seen problems, and so can rarely ever make use of Context-Aware Search suggestions

This idea is different from the existing "Enable instant search" and "Manually trigger context-aware search" options. End users should be presented with context-aware results whenever possible, to promote self-solving, but situations can exist where this is not desired by (and could be detrimental to) a particular user or users.

It would be useful to have:

A: An additional option in My Preferences for toggling auto-searching on or off. This should be per user and separate from the "Enable instant search" / "Manually trigger context-aware search" as these should be set to true and false, respectively, for the majority of users.


B: Separate options for "Manually trigger context-aware search in ESS" and "Manually trigger context-aware search in". Being more granular in these controls would allow administrators to keep the search auto-firing in ESS (to help foster self-solving), while allowing power users (who may be spending more time in the system, working more tickets, being more impacted by network bandwidth, etc.) to interact with the search only if they want/need to.

Workaround: A quick functionality to allow an individual user to select whether they want Context-Aware Search to even be enabled would be easy enough to develop (a wizard modifies a value in the operator record which drives the conditions in the displayoptions, for example), but enabling a user to toggle between "Manually trigger" and "Auto-Trigger" would be trickier. Theoretically, you could allow a user to choose (save it to their operator), set the Smart Search settings to that chosen value when logon begins (so IDOLAdvancedSettings picks it up), and set it back to your system default when logon completes, but that presents problems with simultaneous logons (I'm just brainstorming anyway).

Long story short: More granularity in controlling Context-Aware Search would be beneficial.

NOTE: I'm still on v9.52 at my current customer, so if this has been implemented in 9.6+/SMA then I'll cancel this post.

  • We are on v9.62 and have the issue that some users prefer to have this switched off and others would benefit for it to be switched on.  I agree that this should be able to be controlled by user preference - with only a global setting you are always going to be providing a poor user experience to a portion of your users.