Idea ID: 1650695

Adjust the sidebar for "suggested solution" dynamical

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Brief Description:
If the user creates a ticket, he gets the KM articles in the sidebar on the right.
The "wideness" of the sidebar should be "automatic" change dependently from the results shown in it.

Benefits / Value:
- The user have not to enlarge the sidebar manually.
- The knowledges would be much more present to the users and that they see more information in it.
- By improved presentation, the Knowledge Management will be more used by the users.

Design details:
1. Configure a dynamic range for the sidebar from "min" to "max" by administrator.
2. If the sidebar is empty, it is shown small with the "min" value.
3. If there are big Knowledges shown in the sidebar, the sidebar should widen automatically to the "max" value.