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Allow Bulk Update for DataDomain in Models (like change, incident etc.)

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over 1 year ago

Allow updating DataDomain in change model or incident model in a bulk/mass update method as  updating 400-500 change models each and every one individually manually is a cumbersome task.

Customer has raised the above issue.


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  • Hi Brindusa


    We have similar requirement, where the different business units (configured as data domains) have requirements for Change Models. We do not want  the change model specific to a business unit to be visible to other.


    I understand the same can be achieved by some workarounds, however when there is a field for data domains in "model" table then why not use it?

  • Whole use case is same as to what DataDomain is performing in main modules (Incident & Change etc.) of controlling visibility.The same is required over Change Models /Incident Models of controlling visibility by means of DataDomain.

    Please be informed here the ask is not have custom solution of controlling visibility in Change Models. & Understand the purpose of why not DataDomains can't be Mass Updated with the values. If it can;t be Mass Updated, please try explaining the concept behind such restriction.


  • Hello,

    Data domains field is not supported at model level, that's why you cannot update the field, this is not specific to the bulk/mass update operation.

    Please describe the use case.

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