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Allow more data to be accessible between different entity types

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Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago


There has been an increasing amount of pressure from Customers to include extra information in their reports and in their views. For example, in order for a user to show the Organizational Unit of the Assignee in a view, there is only one option:    

  • bring the extra information in a new field, by running a custom rule during the lifecycle of a record in order to fill information in the field. This approach is only possible for only two fields per entity type (max custom searchable fields with filter functionality=2)

Ideally, we should not have duplicate data without reason: the data is in SMAX and we need a way to access it using multiple ways. Unfortunately, ENTITY_LINK fields do not allow this functionality right now. We can, for example, use something like "assignee.DistinguishedName", but not "assignee.OrganizationalGroup", because DistinguishedName is "SMALL_TEXT" type field and OrganizationalGroup is "ENTITY_LINK"

Either increasing the amount of custom searchable fileds or allowing data to be fetched from ENTITY_LINK fields will improve the functionality of many heavy users who need some simple additional data in their everyday use of SMAX, without resorting to 3rd party tools.

For anyone who has used HPSM in the past, I am referring to a jscall(context.GetValue, , , ,) equivalent :-)

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