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Allow SMAX Filter Values to be Limited

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Already Offered
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10 months ago

When using a filter in SMAX there isn’t a way to limit what values appears as options for the filter. In our particular case we using the Service Portal customized tabs but we have to be very careful about which columns we expose in these tabs because they can be used in a filter and even though we can limit the results the user sees when they use that filter we can’t limit them seeing the valid values for that filter. As an example, we have a tab that shows all the requests for the company of the viewing user but we can’t put the Company field in the columns for that tab because the user could potentially use it as a filter and see all the other Company names even though that is information they should not be privy to (if they actually applied the filter they wouldn’t see any requests unless they choose their own company but they still would know the other company names).


  •  The mechanism we use to control visibility to records is Domain Segmentation.  If you use domain segmentation on Company then only the companies that are configured to be visible to the user will be shown as filtering options.

    One limitation is that domain segmentation can't be applied to customer defined entity types (tables).  But this would work with the OOB Company entity type.