Idea ID: 2826026

Allow the SMA-SM Portal to render text formatting from SM

Status : Delivered
9 months ago



We've encountered an issue within SM where is appears using Service Manager's text editor within a Catalog Item to alter the text's colour, size, font etc has 0 effect on how it's rendered within the SMA-SM Portal. This is fairly misleading for users as in the SM Thick/Web clients it appears as expected with formatting updated, then when viewed in the SMA-SM Portal, it appears as essentially plain black text. We have since learned that currently text formatting updates are not supported in SMA-SM.


Our request is for the text size, colour, font etc changes made with SM's own text editor render properly in the SMA-SM Portal as it does in the web client. See below for an example:

Catalogue Item Text in Edit Mode within the SM Web Tier:



Catalogue Item Text when Ordering from Catalog in Web Tier:



Catalogue Item Text when Ordering from SMA-SM Portal:



As you can see, portal does not render the text formatting updates which leads to a poor user experience within the Portal.