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Allow the use of PifDynamicMaptable api against MaaS connector (more generally on all rest/webservic

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over 1 year ago


 Connect-It development has confirmed that the use of PifCreateDynaMaptable api was still unsupported on SMA-X connector(Management as a Service), which is a shame to me as it would improve a lot performances in the scenario run under certain circumstances.  As an example, I have a customer running daily updates/inserts/delete from ldap to sma-x users for around 10000 to 20000 users. In their scenario, they need to update related properties like location of the user. Currently, that means, they need to query those locations 10000 to 20000 times although they only have  a few locations defined in ldap causing a lot of queries run against sma-x connector for each user. With the possibility of using PifCreateDynaMaptable api, that would tremendously reduce the number of rest calls against sma-x, with the double advantage of not loading sma-x system by all those queries but also would improve a lot the scenario duration !

This is a must have to me.

It could be profitable to extend this behavior not only for sma-x connector but also for all other Connect-It rest or webservice like connectors.