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AM : DDE Export error to Excel Office 365

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over 1 year ago


Allow DDE export to Office 365 without error using standard Asset Manager 'Utilities' -> 'Export the list...' .

When we want to export to Excel under Office 365, we receive an DDE error when Excel is not yet open.

The actual workaround is to open manually first Excel. In this case, there are no DDE error.

As Asset Manager propose an export to Microsoft Excel, it must also running fine when Excel is not yet open. That was right with previous versions.


That is time saving especially when we use a lot this function.

The error is :

// Application: Micro Focus Asset Manager 9.70.19060
// Executable: C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Asset Manager 9.70 en\bin\am.ovl
// User: AM97BNET/Admin

2019/06/13 15:35:24.758 0 1 [Thrd#:7604](-53) DDE transaction failed: 'Selection'


Thank you for consideration of this IDEA.