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AM Node Push: Correct Nature Name / Code For Network Components

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

In AM Generic Adapter "AM Node Push 2.0" pushes all the Nodes with Code as "CPU" or "CPUVM", this holds good for Computers & VMs but this out of the box adapter also pushes the Network Components with Nature code as "CPU".

In below example a Network Switch is Pushed from UCMDB to AM using "AM Node Push 2.0" and the switch model is created with Nature as Computer.


The Adapter uses below condition to decide the NatureCode of an Asset and it seems it only considers Computer & VM as Node.


public static String getNatureCode(boolean iIsComputerAVM) { if (iIsComputerAVM) { return "CPUVM"; } else { return "CPU"; } }