Idea ID: 1668591

Amazon Web Services CI Connector to Include all AWS Regions

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Amazon Web Services Connector only provides connection to 9 out of 17 AWS Regions. Limiting the usage of the connector and in some cases making it useless; depending on the region resources are being deployed. Right now, we have resources running out of us-east-1 and us-east-2 but can only pull information from us-east-1 impacting our asset inventory.

Amazon is constantly adding new Regions. Connect-IT users need to be able to connect to then. Therefore, CI should release patches to prevent any impact to customer’s tools and processes.

Below is the list of current AWS Regions with the top 8 are not included in the AWS CI Connector.

  1. us-east-2 -- Not Included
  2. ap-south-1  -- Not Included
  3. ap-northeast-2 -- Not Included
  4. ca-central-1 -- Not Included
  5. cn-north- -- Not Included
  6. eu-central-1 -- Not Included
  7. eu-west-2 -- Not Included
  8. eu-west-3  -- Not Included
  9. us-west-2 --  Included
  10. us-west-1  --   Included
  11. us-east-1   --  Included
  12. ap-southeast-1  --  Included
  13. ap-southeast-2  --  Included
  14. ap-northeast-1  --  Included
  15. eu-west-1   --  Included
  16. sa-east-1  --   Included
  17. us-gov-west-1  --  Included