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Apply smarts analysis and actions to Incident Management

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over 2 years ago

I recently read someone try to create a software to apply artificial intelligence to support process for a startup but gave up as it was not his passion. E.g. "follow the sun" scheduling for teams in different locations.

I wonder if SM could provide these smart functionalities to add some analysis and automation in some areas. for your considerations.

1) Analyse response times on cases and provide reporting. Managers can then tweak SM auto notications to prompt support staff to ensure users are informed sufficiently of the case progress, to meet customer satisfaction.

2) Automatically manage case handover from regions to regions based on configuration and manage notifications to support staff relinquishing the case and support staff receiving the case and customer. Plus, notification to relinquishing staff before end of shift to prompt update of journal of work done to date, if no recent entry found.

3) Same as 1 but applies to lack of responses from users. Sent auto notifications to users to request information or offer to close the case after certain waiting time. Remember user's history responses time and search keywords like holiday, away, suspend and etc etc to auto adjust the waiting time provided.