Idea ID: 1679571

Approval request /ticket are not showing in Service Portal

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

In customer's environment ,they raised new request/ticket from Service Portal and it is pending with "x" user for approval then changed approval from "x" to "y" user in the "approval" table directly in the DB in SM using the Administration mode. ,When "y" user logined to SMA SM "y" user can able to see for approval but when "y" user try to check "Pending approval " from Service Portal that pending request is not displaying.

Customer doesn't want to use Approval delegation feature that enables users with approval rights to temporarily delegate their approval authority to another qualified operator as they need this functionality for only few tickets .

Raising ER so that the Pendig request will be shown in Service Portal too even if the changes are made in SM DB table directly with Admin mode.