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Approver has to see the item name for approval

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

When a user requests more than 1 item with Service Portal (Version 2017.11) with 1 Service Request via shopping cart, the approver (in our case the manager of the service recipient), cannot see the item / article name in the approval GUI in Service Portal. The approver can only see, he has to approve a cart with e.g. 2 items. In the details of the approval, the approver can see the description of the requester and the total costs, but no further details like item / article name, values of user selection fields, etc. Even the requester cannot see the item / article name of such a Service Request after submitting the shopping cart.

In case a user only requests 1 item / article, everything works fine for the requester and the approver.

An approver of a request needs all details of the requests to be able to approve. The item / article name has to be visible for the approver, to support a fast approval process and to reduce queries to the service recipient.


- Login in Service portal 2017.11 (https://xxxx/saw/ess/)
- On the search box on the top, type Apple iphone and select the catalog items Apple iphone 6 plus
- In the request details section: requested for= enter you name and select the country
- Click add to cart
- Click "Continue browsing"
- Click "PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY SERVICES" then "PC Key Card" click "add to cart"
- Click "Check out"
- Enter the Order name=test" and the purpopose for ordering="test"
- Click Submit --> Message: "Your Request #PORxxx was successfully created."
- Logout and login as sdapprover
- Select the Request from the steps above to approve. It should be pending approval

Result: The approver "sdapprover" will never know which catalog items he is about to approve or deny.
the expectation is the approver to see that the order contains the catalog items: Apple iphone 6 plus and PC Key Card