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Auto spell check html fields

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10 months ago

Chrome automatically adds a wiggly red line under misspelled words.  It does that for all text fields in Service Manager but it does not do it on html fields.

In our knowledge database we often refer to technical items that are not in the dictionary and pressing spell-check on the field becomes a lengthy and futile exercise.  By adding the wiggly line, the users could see, as they're typing, if they should make a correction.

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  • What excellent news!  Thank you Jas1.

  • Hi Alain,

    I might have something that can help. Recently, I had a customer on 9.63 and they hated the old limited spellchecker icon in the KM' s html editor and wanted to disable it.

    We found out that the KM spellchecker icon was removed and the browser spell checker was working well in KM on 9.64.

    In, it mentioned the following:

    When working with the Service Manager web client, you can now use the built-in spell checker of a web browser to resolve spelling errors in editable fields on a page.

    Note: If you are working with Internet Explorer or Edge and hope to use the built-in spell checker, your current input language must be the same as the text to be validated.

    Note: If some input elements do not support spell check with Internet Explorer or Edge in previous Service Manager releases, the built-in spell checker in this release does not support spell check for these input elements with Internet Explorer or Edge as well.

    Give 9.64 web tier a go, it may fix your issue, like it did, for my customer.

  • RTE: 9.62.0016

    Application:  9.51

    Server OS : Windows

  • Just curious. On which version of SM did you notice this behaviour?