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Automated or Simplified web deployment for Asset Manager

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

For a small environment the web deployment requires considerable efforts; often a confussion is created because of 2 APIs, 2 different architecture of Java, several configuration parameters in files etc. Moreover, third-praty products (e.g. Java, Tomcat etc) are requierd manual installation. This is a too heavy task for a customer with small to medium environment.

This is a request for automated web deployment for production environment. If chosen from setup options, a script should install the required products, configure the parameters in files as per the architecture chosen, build the war files and deploy them to Tomcat.

In addition, a simplified web deplyment may also be made available. In this option wider choice of application server (Web Sphere, Web Logic etc.) will be possible. The necesary products will be installed in the background and configuratiosn created automatically as per the user inputs of deployment architecture (32/64 bit).

This feature will ease the administrative tasks as well as faster deplyment of an environment. At the same the time the user experience will aslo enhance.