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Automatically assign Assignee/AssignmentGroup for new incoming ticket, based on skill set, workload

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 3 years ago

Benifit: Speed up business process of resolving ticket.



As an Agent, I can

-Handle assigned ticket , which is planned according skill set and workload of agent

As an End User, I can

-Submit a ticket, and get assigned qualified assignee directly


  • having similar requirement from customer..

  • This is a recurring request from our customers. The auto-assignment mechanism should let to choose which strategy to use. I'm posting here the options of auto-assignment required in several RFI / RFP:

    1. Round-robin: Assign the incoming tickets to all members in a group in a round-robin basis

    2. Number of tickets based: The auto-assignment should consider the ammount of tickets each group member has at the moment and assign the ticket to the member with the less ammount of tickets

    3. Load-based: The ticket should include another field to store the effort required to solve the ticket. Then, an incoming ticket should be assigned to the group member with the smallest work load.

  • It should also cater for assignee availability/holidays for the next  hour. For 'follow the sun' support, it's not useful assigning to assignee who is about to go off shift in the next hour. It should have the smarts to assign to next region in the 'follow the sun' who is starting soon.

    Or even smarter, provide auto handover from region to region in 'follow the sun' support. You can then ignore the first paragraph. Makes assignees life easier and less escalation with mismanaged handover.

    PS: It would be good to see the logic used for the auto assigned included in the case activities for auditing and fine tuning.

  • Hello Ming:

    I hope this could be included in SMA-SM and SMAX.

    Thank you,

  • Just a quick update on this Idea.  We are still considering this enhancement for a future release of SMA-SM