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Automatically assign Assignee/AssignmentGroup for new incoming ticket, based on skill set, workload

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Under Consideration
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over 3 years ago

Benifit: Speed up business process of resolving ticket.



As an Agent, I can

-Handle assigned ticket , which is planned according skill set and workload of agent

As an End User, I can

-Submit a ticket, and get assigned qualified assignee directly


  • Hello:

    I think this is a good Idea for SMAX, I posted on Community a question about if this was supported by current version (didn't know about this Idea Exchange area).


    This could be handled by assigning agents in different groups, and each group should be weighted (tickets should be assigned to a specific group).

    Depending on the weight of every group, and tickets where agents are working, you can determine the workload of an agent.

    For example:

    if agent  A is assigned to 3 tickets belonging to a group with very low weigh and agent B is assigned to 1 ticket belonging to a group with high weight, if another ticket comes, i will asign to agent A, becouse based on the weigh, system suppose that agent B is attending a very important topic so his workload is higher than user A.


    Hope I have explained correctly.


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  • Hello everyone,

    I work at Performance Technologies, a Micro Focus platinum partner. 

    We have a similar request from three of our customers.

    What they are looking for is a way to automatically assign incoming support requests to 1st level service desk based on the following:

    - AGENT's AVAILABILITY: whether or not an agent is logged in the tool - indicating that he is available for servicing clients (for example he is not having a break). I don't know if there is currently a way to retrieve this information from a user's record. 

    - AGENT's WORKLOAD: whether or not an agent is currently working on another request (or more than one request), indicating that he is not available for handling a new one.

    - AGENT'S SKILLSET/ EXPERTISE DOMAIN: this could be probably handled by assigning agents in different groups, and each group having its own queue of incoming requests (given the requests have been categorized properly by the end user).



  • There is few question which i believe you should answer to yourself , before voted it up

    How to define workload based on skill set ?

    What about if engineer not on his workplace , tickets will assigned to him anyway or he should accept it ? it answer is yes, that is the point of of auto assignment? he can grab tickets manually from group queue. 

    Do you remember the Parcinson's law , one of them ? "If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute to do".  People will take maximum amount of time as possible to solve the ticket. 




  • It be would interesting to handle the assignment based on the load of the operators in a group. It needs to take into account (not only) the number tickets assigned to an specific operator, also the amount of effort related to each ticket, I mean, an operator can have only one ticket which takes 2 weeks of work, and another operator can have 10 tickets of half-day work, so the second operator have less load than the first one.