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be able to add the field "Data Domain" to the "Offering Categories" or "Service Definitions" in SMAX

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7 months ago

It's not possible to add Data domains to offering categories or Service Definitions in the administration side fon SMAX

Use case:

our multi-language clients need to manage the catalog for different countries and they find a GAP  here because it's not possible to add data domains to manage the administration of the catalog, to view only the data that belongs to their Country.

My client has a lot of countries in SMAX, with different languages and different catalogs in every language, and they want to have a “Catalog admin user” in every country, to manage the categories and service definitions of every country.

Today, every Country sees the Catalog and service definitions of all the countries in the administration area. This is not valid for clients with  multi-country capabilities.


Expected behavior:

be able to add Data Domains to offering categories and service definitions to be able to see only the information belonging to the data domain of the user in the catalog admin side.