Idea ID: 1648769

Be able to load a list of CI's from a spreadsheet in change management

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Users need to select a lot of Affected CI on a Change Record. For example, on a change they have around 45 – 50 CI records and users have to select/search each one by one which is consuming a lot of time.

Be able to load a list of CI's from a spreadsheet.

1. Login to SM as admin.
2. Go to Change Management > Create New Change.
3. In the Affected Configuration Item, users can populate the field with information about existing CI’s.
4. The expectation is to here have a load button (could be in the More menu or where R&D consider is the best option) to load a spreadsheet of CI's into the Affected CI field.

Users have to manually enter all CI's one by one. This is unacceptable because it’s consuming a lot of time when there's a lot of affected CI's.

This is related to QCCR1E147966