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Blank SLA name for requests in SMAX

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10 months ago

Hi Team,

In SMAX request tickets, we are not able to get the SLA name attached to that ticket in the view/ticket extract (Attachment: SMAX blank SLA Name Prod.PNG) even though the request ticket has SLA attached to it (Attachment: SLA Name attached to ticket.PNG). when we contacted the Support team, we got the below response
"According to our development team This is actually working as designed as follows:
When a Request or Incident uses the default SLA, for example the one linked to the Service then this is called the "Default" SLA. When using the default SLA the real SLA field does not have a value and so no value appears in the grid.. If you want to override the default then you populate the SLA field. When you do that the SLA will appear in the grid.
If you do not like this behavior then you will have to open an ER to be evaluated and follow respective process."

If we make the SLA to be visible in Grid/View it will become good feature.