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Bypassing "Your Cart" screen on SMA-SM portal resubmit mode for non-cart items

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over 1 year ago


On SMA-SM portal, when a user clicks on the Resubmit button in request detail screen, first "Your Cart" screen displayed and user is asked to update quantity. However, if the reuested catalog item is marked as "Non-cart Item" or "Restrict request to single item" selected on Service Manager Catalog Details screen, this screen does not make any sense and may confuse users because the requested item might be a service request instead of goods and they might not be allowed to order more than one. Worse, even though the "Restrict request to single item" for the catalog item selected, user is able to update quantity and validation message appears only at the end of resubmit process.

So, if the catalog item is a non-cart item or "Restrict request to single item" option on SM is selected, Quantity update screen have to bypassed and system should proceed directly to request update screen.

Benefits/Value: An unnecessary question and so screen will be bypassed, so user experience will be better. 


Alper Ozdemir