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Cannot update as non-suite-admin

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over 2 years ago

Capability to make a modifications of a Person/Group without a Tenant Admin role.
This functionality is important because not every person/group could be a tenant admin and we could not debug it..
Every role has to have a access to save changes on person.

  • This idea has been implemented in product release SMAX 2021.02. Check out the release notes for details. Thanks to all of our contributors for helping us continue to improve our products!

  • It would be good to have selective admin rights, especially for People and Groups

    I know that as a workaround you can create a Service Offering to amend the Person Records, and display a number of fields. These Offerings can be selective through entitlements.

    Agents can also already search for Person records in the global search and you can add fields to the preview... but not edit this way.

    Neither of these two work-arounds allow for a good search or filtered list view...

    It would be good if Product Managers can give a statement of direction, so we can give guidance to customers on whether to invest time in Service Offerings or not.



  • Hello,

    We would like to be able to make "Master Data" tables and mainly the group table available to certain users without having to give them access to all the administration tables (even read-only).

    The objective is ( in our case ) to give autonomy to group owners with the management of groups (information + members).


  • my customer has same issue and requirement

  • hi  

    could you pls provide an update on this?

    I believe the idea has reached sufficient votes and also, without having all the technical insights, I think this feature should not be too complex to be achieved.