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Capability to add an Attachment when creating a new record for a Custom Record Type

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Unable to direct add attachments to custom record types, like you can do for submitting an Offering

  1. You have to save the custom record type first, then open it up and edit it, in order to add an attachment
    1.     Or alternatively, you can add an attachment when you create a new custom record, by adding it in the Description (rich text) field
      1. But we have seen that this doesn't always work. The saved link does not open up to the saved attachment in the Description field
    2. Making our custom record entity into an Offering doesn't fit the use case for us very well, as it is confusing to the requestor that there are two IDs (one ID for the request submitted as an Offering, then the other ID for the actual custom record type)
      1.             In addition, the number of fields for the custom record type is extensive and treating that in "triage" as an Offering request doesn't make sense to at least me
      2.             Better to have all the fields of information submitted with the request and bypass the Service Offering request and have the submitter directly create their request in our custom entity record type.