Idea ID: 2808737

Capability to configure which languages are available in the user preferences language list

Status : Waiting for Votes
11 months ago

The SMA-SM portal currently offers more languages than are available out of the box in Service Manager. 

In particular Swedish, Greek, Norwegian and Danish are able to be selected by users as a language preference in SMA-SM but these users then encounter issues because the language is not configured in the back-end system. 

The user experience is that field labels on some screens (for example request checkout and when displaying interactions) are not found - users see an error "Message xxxxx could not be found" instead of a field label against each field. 

Search is also currently impacted if the user choses one of these languages and will not return any catalog offerings within results.

Currently there is no means to adjust the list of languages shown in SMA-SM and adding support for non-standard languages to the back end Service Manager system is not a trivial task. 

This idea is to enable the list of SMA-SM languages to be configurable such that we can match this to the languages supported in the Service Manager back-end.