Idea ID: 1670725

Capability to default a solution mathing option

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Currently, there are no way to default the solution matching to an item in particular. This would help by suggesting up front the most appropriate choice in a general matter. From there, user would also be able to select another matching solution. Also, if the system could remember the user's choice, or set a default choice at the user level, or role.


  • Thank you for sharing your idea in this platform. Based on number of votes and lab assessment, we will not consider this idea in SM roadmap.

  • For example, when creating a new incident, you will have a list of match type, the customer is asking the capability to have one in the list selected by default.

  • now in service manager, we offered user several solution matching actions, e.g. find an incident with a matching service or CI, find an incident with a matching title, and allow user to choose which action he is looking for.

    Could you please clarify what kind of default solution matching you are looking for in requested senario?