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Catalog User Options - need ability to use custom fields/arrays/tables/uCMDB

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

 Clients need the ability to submit Requests from the Portal, We need catalog items to support arrays and tables for user options, and we need to be able to validate data entered in tables/use pre-defined lists. Currently we cannot include fields that validate against uCMDB or have custom fields created which some of our IT Requests contain.

We currently have to use the Request Management Module internal to SM to have clients submit and then have their managers approve these requests.  Since all the client is doing is submitting a request, we want the Portal (Catalog Items) to work the same way the request module works.  We need a true Self Service offering, which means we need to be able to add tables/fields in SM that can be used in both SM and the Portal.

Currently, we have to direct the client to use the Portal for some requests, and then log into SM itself to submit other requests.  This isn't a good approach for our clients to have to go through, especially with 40,000+ clients in our company.

We are currently unable to use the portal for our IT Requests due to the type of information we need to capture from the client, so they cannot submit all requests via the Portal and they must log into both the Portal and SM to be able to submit/approve any type of request..

We are requesting the ability to create Requests on the Service Portal, that allow for custom field creation as well as fields that will validate against our internal integrations such as LDAP, uCMDB and Finance (for codeblock and Dept validation) and are searchable in the end for reporting purposes.  Currently, the user option data is being thrown into an XML file, which is very hard for users to report off of later.


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  • Customer is asking for a chance to use array fields in catalog items using user options.

    The need is to have a field populated using a lookup table with the possibility to choose more than one item from look table.


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