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CDF and SMA need to support PostgreSQL versions other than 9.5.x

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

Most customers choose to install our products on shared database instances controlled by the DBA team. The main advantages are that the DB is constantly monitored and supported and the capacity of the servers and disk performance are taken care of by the DBA team.

The problem with our suite right now is that it supports only one version of PostgreSQL: 9.5.x. So, if the shared instance(s) at the customer doesn't run this specific version, it can't be used. 

I'm asking that we have a broader set of PostgreSQL versions supported by both the suite and the CDF, so that there's a better chance that it will fit what our customers currently have deployed.

Specifically for this customer I'm talking to, they need our suite and CDF to support PostgreSQL 9.6.x.

(Note: This customer is running SMA-SM in mixed mode scenario 1: Portal and Smart Anlytics containerized, connected to a traditional SM deploy. Since the portal and CDF are common between SMA-SM and SMA-X, I'm assuming that the enhancement request can be opened using this new model.)