Idea ID: 1769042

CentOS 7.x support for Service Manager 9.6x

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

- Brief Description

I am asking for support of CentOS 7.x for Service Manager version 9.6x and greater

- Benefits / Value

I support a very large implementation of Service Manager and the corporate direction is to move away from costly subscription based Red Hat Enterprise Linux to the "free" open source Linux CentOS build.  Currently the latest version is CentOS 7.

The benefits to the customer are cost.  The benefit for Service Manager is that it expands the options for platforms on which it can be installed.   In this case, the customer may look for other software alternatives to Service Manager if CentOS is not provided as a viable option.

- Design details

Simply test and validate CentOS 7 as a supported platform for installation of Service Manager 9.6x and later.