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Change Management Approval Type Inclusion "Single Approve and Single denial" in any Sequence

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over 1 year ago
Hello Members,
Currently MFSM is having below Approval Types:
1.All must Approve
2. One Must approve
3. Quorum
4. All must approve - immediate denial
5. One must approve by sequence approval level
But one of my customer scenario is something different. They have 5 level of approval. in each level there are 4-5 approver. This is because, whoever in the sequence is available, can approve/deny the ticket. Totally depends on the availability of the approvers.
For my customer requirement 1, 2, 3 does not fit at all .
But 4 and 5 fit partially.
Basically customer require an approval type where any member of the sequence can approve or deny the ticket. If the ticket is approved by any one of the group it will goto the next sequence (which is available in approval type 5) also if the ticket is denied, then ticket will be denied by all the members in that sequence (which is available in approval type 4).
So the point is need to develop a approval type in which, single member can approve/deny the ticket so that all the other members approval will approve/deny automatically by the system.
How can this be achieved?


  •  From your scenario, there will be 4 or 5 approvers in each sequence. If they are all individuals and not in the same group, the current design cannot meet your requirement.  So could you try to make the definition like this? 

    1. To make those 4 or 5 approvers in a group. And then define the approval definition against the group for each sequence. It means the approval definition for each sequence is defined against different groups

    2. Approval type:   All must approve - immediate denial