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Change the graphical display of Request Task depending on the Closure Code

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago


What is the situation:

Two possibilities to close a task

  • Close   No matter what Status Code is selected, the task gets the green tick, when a Status not equal Successful is selected.
  • Cancel No matter what Status Code is selected (even 1-Successful), the task gets the red tick. Furthermore the RF ticket will be closed (no review) when the user selects 1-Successful as Closure Code.

Accessibility for the User working on a Task

Close is easily visible in the Menu Bar, Cancel is hidden as a “More”-Option

What should be the situation:

The graphical designs for closed request tasks should be set in relation to the actual task closure code. There are a lots of graphical designs available in the task planner (

These designs should be used in the Request Management Module to direktly show the actual status of a request task in the overview within a request.