Idea ID: 1650771

Connect It - Request to enhance security certificates password input method

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago


Currently, on SM connectors, under the SSL Configuration wizard, the person creating the scenario needs to enter manually the password for the certificates.

Due to security policies, SM / CIT admins are not supposed to know the credentials on certificates.


We would appreciate having a separate file (perhaps the scenario .ini file with a parameter? ) where we could point the security admins where to specify the passwords, and of course that once it is saved, the strings gets encrypted so that the password remains secure and there would be no interaction from the security admins with the GUI.


This would make easier the scenario maintenance, especially for customer like us where we have everything running under Linux. Currently, we need to import the scenario into a Windows box, open the scenario, guide a security admin to modify the wizard, save the SCN, export it back to Linux and redo the configuration.