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Connect-It : Request to support ‘utf-7’ codepage

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Im using Connect-It 9.60 with Service Manager.

I need to use some additional codepage. We require 'utf-7' for E-MAIL (fetch / send).

Since Connect-It rejected to fetch the e-mail with utf-7, it doesn't meet our expectation.


Actual Issue: We saw the following message in logfile, when CIT fetched some mail.

2018/05/09 14:21:46.00011(0) The code page 'utf-7' received is not supported.


As the results, the E-Mail remains in Mailbox of mail server.

We know that these codepage are not supported by CIT at this stage. Could you please support utf-7 codepage ?

I request an hotfix on top of CIT9.60.082_P4_HF2.



E-MAIL (fetch / send). can support utf-7. CIT can read e-mail that includes utf-7, and send it to SM.

Benefits / Value

Since MS outlook can select UTF-7 encording, we are using it. So, we need to fetch it on CIT.



  • Hi MHattori,
    Thank you for your idea!

    SM has provided the email integration known as Smart Email since SM 9.50. This is the recommended solution. Please consider it, rather than using the CIT email connector.

    I move the status to Declined if you don't mind.

    Let me know if you have additional comment or feedback.


    Best Regards,