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Control task availabily base on user role or expression

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Hi,  Currently availability of task can only be control by a true or false.  The is no evaluation of condition.  This should be at least and evaluated expression or standerdise to use user role like in other area of the product.


  •  In Change Task Category Definition table, the 'Availability' is set to true or false. However, if you would like to control the availability in security role according to different user roles, you can go to the Change Task area -> Allowed Categories, select task categories for this role. If you specified, you can only create those task categories as the role.

  • We are taking abut the add task option. When we click this option browsing a change a list of task category is displayed bases on the availabity.  The isse is that we can only put true or false in catagory record.  No expression or userrole like in other area of the product.


    Thank you

  •  we suppose this is supported in SM OOB. If there is no detailed use case about it, we will consider to close this idea. Thank you

  •  could you please provide more details about the use case? Now in task plan, we support task conditions. Not sure which kind of rule you are looking for.