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Copy URL of a record

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

Brief Description :
Provide an option to the analyst to copy the URL to the record , so it can be shared to any other teams / user , without having the other user do the navigation to the module and do the search.

Benefits / Value :
I understand generating the URL can be done easily with a display option. But the value should be on , copying the url automatically so that end user doesnt have to go to the message bar to copy the URL generated.
Avoids the development time to put a default display option on all the modules ( interaction, incident, change, problem, request, knowledge etc..)
Avoids the end user to do the navigation and search for the request provided by the Analyst .

Design details:
Default display option 'Copy Record URL' on all the available modules.
Default copy to the clipboard  .


Thank you.