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count of no. of visitions in SRC portal

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over 2 years ago

We don’t necessarily need to track by specific user but if we could do number of “hits” on the sort of pages listed below, this would be a great start:

The aim is to encourage more users to do this – and to run some regular reports (perhaps monthly) to understand how/if after some communication this usage is changing.  If we can reduce the calls to the service desks by encouraging users to look for the status of tickets on their own this would be a benefit.

Search for raised request ticket:

Search for raised support ticket:

Catalog Search:

Catalog Browse:

View Knowledge document (replace “KMnnnn” with any document id):

Log a support ticket: (this could be compared with the number of self-service tickets actually raised)


  • Understanding which parts of the portal are being used helps us better understand user behaviour - we would like to encourage more user self-service within our organisation and the first step is to better understand which parts of the portal are being used and which may benefit from some user education.  

    It would therefore be beneficial to record some basic information about the visiting user (just an IP address would be a better than nothing) as we anticipate some geographic trends - it is anticipated that in some geographies we may find that users are submitting requests and incidents but are then not making use of the portal to check for progress updates or add comments. 

    It is also anticipated that we may find a low overall usage in some geographies.   To have some information about portal usage will enable us to focus user education effectively within our organisation to promote functionality from which users are not currently getting sufficient benefit.

  • Hi,

     For View Knowledge document (replace “KMnnnn” with any document id), we understand that users need to know the count of hits of this KM doc to help them filter out the most valuable topic/Doc:

    But for remaining pages you mentioned above such as approved list page below, what is the business value to show the count of hits of this page? Could you please clarify from business perspective? Or you actually mean the count of hits of each request such as SDnnnn(nnnn means request ID)? Thanks.