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Count views for "Internal" Articles

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over 2 years ago

Hello team,

The amount of articles created on our environment is very high. However we know that not all articles are consulted on a regular basis. Some of them are probably never consulted.

At the moment, only views for "external" articles are counted, and they are not for "internal" articles.

Consequently, we can not know if an internal article is regularly viewed or not. On the other side, we can not know if an external articles with 0 views is seen internally or not.

These elements make it really hard to purge the knowledge articles database.

Counting all views, internal and external could help us.



  • This is good idea. In this way, we can easily see the most helpful article based on the number of views without further digging just to look up the most related article that is related to the issue encountered.

  • Hello Experts,

    Our customer also has the same requirement. It will be really helpful for them to measure the effectiveness of a specific article, how many people viewed the article and how useful the article is.

  • Hi

    I think it's a good idea, there is currently a big void regarding internal articles and it's not just the view count (which is missing). We can associate articles between them or add attachments to the creation but it has no effect for users who consult them internally. there is a lot to improve when it comes to knowledge management for backoffice users.

    A view count is one steep good to take!