Idea ID: 1654860

Create sample scenario to grab SYSATTACHMENTS data from SM DB using Database connector

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago
In order to increase availablilty of SM data and cover fail-safe scenarios when SM apps are down but SM DB is still up and running generally it is possible to use CIT database connector to collect data from SM DB and for example forward it to SM operator using CIT email connectors. This works fine for most tables, however data in SYSATTACHMENTS table is encypted, can be compressed and split into several segments. The overall info on SYSATTACHMENTS table structure and approach to extract such data via 3rd party are described in two articles, KM977332 and KM00665663. Such approach will require some 3rd party software to call JS to collect attachments data, the idea behind this request is to create inhouse Micro Focus solution based on Database CIT connector which can connect to SM DB while SM apps are offline, gather the record data together with attachments and forward it to assigned person so engineer can actually start working on a problem even if SM apps are down.