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Create SMIS connector and template for SM integration with IBM MQ

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Many customers are using IBM MQ to build queries from 3rd party products and exchange data with Service Manager. Right now such integration can be implemented with 2 Connect IT connectors, “IBM WebSphere MQ” and “JMS for IBM WebSphere MQ”. However this integration approach has limitations in terms of performance and stability and can be imroved removing 3rd component (Connect IT) from the intergration flow. Moving data mapping and exchange from CIT to SM components as additional SMIS connector will allow to reduce processing time of each element and improve reliability by removing extra component from integration flow.

Same enhancement request is available by this link.


  • CIT connector is our standard solution for MQ integration. Now the team is working the recertification of CIT-MQ9, and we prefer to put on our focus on enhancing existing CIT integration solution (also recommend customer upgrade their CIT to the latest version) instead of creating a new connector in SM.