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Create "Transaction table" in Asset Manager(AM) to be used in place of API's.

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Waiting for Votes
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10 months ago

1) My Company uses AM Fat Client, so our API's are only available via AM and Connect-it
2) there has been more and more demand to allow other Applications tools to insert/update to AM via API's
3) since AM is designed to work with uCMDB we are allowing other Applications tools to insert/update uCMDB via API's in CI's designed for AM
4) we built a new Connect-It scenario to read the uCMDB CI's of the "transactions" and land the data in the "transaction table"
5) the "transaction table" is the amInputEvent table, OOTB with two additions
      a: the Global_Id copied directly from the CI in uCMBD, which is the unique key to the table
      b: a new field to identify the "asset" the tranaction applies too, in most cases it would be the AssetTag
6) Created a new script to read the AM "Transaction table", amInputEvent and it calls a new Script Library script
7) the new Script library script
      a: maintains the lifecycle of the transaction from  Notified -> Being Processed -> Processed (or Failure)
      b: validates the "Asset" exists in AM
      c: applies the transactions, created per our requirements, to the "Asset"
      d: if B or C cannot be completed, the "transaction" is marked as a Failure, with a descriptive message
Workflows for both the Connect-It and the script that reads the "Transaction table" to apply the records to AM Assets

So to make a long story short, there should be OOTB
a) functional Transaction table in AM
b) functional Connect-it that reads CIs from uCMDB and populates the Transaction table
c) functional Script/Script Library that could be used as a templates for the application of the tranactions to AM

Some of the tranactions we are designing, as we have may "source" systems of "Asset" information:
Update the status of a "asset" from x to y (Example: Production, Removed, On Order, Scrapped, etc.)
Add Support Contracts to a "asset"
Remove Support Contracts from a "asset"
Change the Enviroment of a "asset" from x to y (Example: DEV, QA, Prod, TEST, Pre-Dev, Educ)


The will help keep the number of tickets/email down in AM for simple changes like those listed above. 

Automation in uCMDB can also take advantage of the "transactions"

"Transactions" can be applied to AM in a more timely manner instead of just 1 time per day/week etc. (i.e. more near real time updates can be applied for these "transactions")

Less people need access to Asset Manager