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Customisation of "Your Approvals" section fields

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago


We'd love some more customisation options for what is displayed within the "Your Approvals" section within the SMA-SM Service Portal. Currently when an Interaction approval is listed within Your Approvals, the Interaction ID field is the first field listed under the record when expanded. This is great, however Change approvals don't list the Change ID field under the approval. We need to be able to add the Change ID as part of the approval details along with the other fields listed for consistency.

Additionally, we'd like to be able to add the record ID into the approval title for each record so that it's consistent with records in other sections of the portal such as Your Requests.

Currently neither of these options are configurable currently, and allowing users to customise the format of the heading and what fields are displayed will grant them a lot of customisation based on their specific requirements.


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