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Customize the activate mobile app page

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Already Offered
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10 months ago

In the Portal, when you click on "Activate mobile app", it opens a new page where you can scan a QR code to download the app (see screenshot).

It'd be a good idea if we can modify the text of that page, so that it can include some specific message, or change some of the words.

The QR code of course shouldn't be changed, but the rest of the text in that page can adapt to each customer's needs


  • and please also note that this is not a workaround. This is a formal solution to change label text in service portal.

  •  Open L10n is allowing customer to change the service portal label, and it will not change the way how customer to download the app.

  • Hello,

    that sounds like a nice workaround for the text. But the QR will still be the same and will download from Google/Apple store rather than internal servers as Barry suggested, right?

    I wonder also, is it possible to customize the language from English to English?


  • This can be supported through open L10N function.

  • I agree - this would benefit our SMA-SM implementation as the standard text does not reflect our user guidance or the way we have implemented the portal.   In particular:

    • We prefer users to install the service portal app from our Intune company portal rather from the public app store - this enables us to configure their mobile VPN to automatically connect to our corporate network as the app is launched to provide a better user experience - but until we are able to customise the text on this screen, users will continue to download directly from the public app stores and wonder why the app is then unable to connect to the server.
    • We also have single sign on ("TSO") configured so users do not have to sign-on to the portal, however they do still have to logon to the mobile app.  The instruction for users to "Use the same credentials you use for the Service Portal to log into the mobile app." is therefore also confusing and ideally we would be able to change this to refer to the same credentials that they would use to logon to their PC